Summer Doldrums

Marketing a summer release is an uphill climb. Promoting a book, keeping up with social media, and working on the next release claim more than forty hours a week at a time when everyone is pushing for days off.

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The Night Before the Book Launch

Twas the night before the book launch, when all through the house

All the creatures were stirring, except there’s no mouse.

The clothes are all hung in the closet with care,

In hopes that they’ll fit and no one will stare.


The husband is nestled all snug in his chair

Watching a home run derby that isn’t there.

And Rocky with his chew bone and me with my book

Have just settled in to have one last look.


When out in the Twitter world there rose such chatter,

About Cynthia Kraack at Magers and Quinn. Such clatter.

Down to the basement I flew like a flash,

Practiced once again, swore to make it a smash.

Reality Rings 

Enough fun with words. I should be practicing the readings from Leaving Ashwood one more time. Book and notes on a music stand with the timer on my phone tearing through seconds and minutes. The fourth launch will be totally different than any of the others. For one thing, this book is being launched in Minneapolis, not St. Paul, and on the same night as the MLB All Star Game which starts at the exact same time as my reading. … Continue reading