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Written in the tradition of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale or James Howard Kunstler’s World Made by Hand, the people of Minnesota Cold live in a society a few decades from now when an unholy collaboration of government and large corporations creates a rogue country holding unfortunate power.  Daily living has returned to something closely resembling life before a Middle East nuclear event disrupted the world environment, communications and commerce.  An unlikely hero steps forward to ask difficult questions before a generation disappears with its memories of civil disobedience and personal accountability.

Even readers who have never visited the science fiction section of their favorite book seller will find Minnesota Cold a comfortable read with its strong family of characters.  This debut novel will provoke discussion in book clubs or classrooms.

“Cynthia Kraack’s limns a quietly sinister landscape in this post-apocalyptic novel. Minnesota Cold is a classic cautionary tale set in the day after tomorrow that should strike fear not only into the hearts of Baby Boomers but also of thinking people of all ages.” 

—James Patrick Kelly, two-time Hugo Award winner and the Nebula Award