<i>The High Cost of Flowers</i> was the 2015 Midwest Book Awards winner in the Fiction and XXX Categories.

The High Cost of Flowers was the 2014 Midwest Book Awards winner in the Contemporary Fiction and Literary Fiction categories.

January 2018 began while my extended family slept under one roof. After braving almost zero degree weather to set off two sets of fireworks and huddle around an outdoor fire then gathering inside to talk for hours, pillows and blankets claimed higher priority than watching the clock turn to 12:01. While 2017 had its personal high points; overall it was a difficult slog from one political or social crisis to another.

Writing is my job as well as joy. Each December I build a business plan for the next year. Usually there is a combination of completing a new work, marketing short stories or a novel, teaching or presenting, social media management and a professional enrichment experience. Add in obligations of serving on the boards of two small nonprofits.

The easy part of planning is identifying what should be done. More challenging is broadly defining how to accomplish the goals. The most challenging step is designating appropriate time to complete a project. How many hours are necessary to significantly revise a book length manuscript? How many days should be assigned to marketing a book to agents and small publishers? When do you schedule hours for social media writing and management? Should reading be included in the plan or merely expected like sleeping and eating?

My publisher for one of those projects will influence what happens with the rest of the plan. If I’m successful with finding a publisher for a second book, the year might be completely redefined. And there would be no complaining about that. While more complicated, my writing business plan is more enjoyable than participating in any corporate planning process.

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