Mix and Match Social Media — 3 Comments

  1. This is information that gave me a slightly new perspective on who might be interested in my writing. Like all writers, I love the process but I know how frustrating the marketing aspect can be. I have self-published with the American company, iUniverse and was told that I could easily place my hard copies in bookstores since I have a returnability policy. I’ve approached some bookstores and am told the same thing: their consignment office only allows so many self-published books at a time. There is usually a waiting game for them to even consider taking your book.

  2. I dipped into self-pubbing in cozy mystery this year with a short story and novella. I love the control. But this aspect of business is a challenge. The stories did relatively well considering I did little to no promotion, and I have some lovely fans. However, I don’t expect total organic growth to drive the series when more are published. It’s fool hardy to put time into media where you don’t have readers. Mine too, are mostly women over 45. I will be interested in following this train of thought. Looking forward to more posts on this. Thanks!

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