A Fiction Writer’s Social Media Plan — 2 Comments

  1. I have no comments because I am in learning mode. I hope to learn a bit from your experience. The demographics of internet usage suggest you’re right about twitter. Pinterest is almost exclusively used by women, and in web mining, a Pinterest account is highly predictive of gender.

    I’m much more into words than pictures, but I feel like Pinterest may be a key channel for interacting with potential readers.

  2. Hallo Cynthia, I am here because of your publisher’s activity on Twitter – that account is the latest of my followers. As an early adopting lit blogger ( as we were called ten years ago!) I just wanted to say that your posts here are very good indeed. You could use Facebook and both Twitter accounts to direct people here for further reading.

    I’ll try to have a look at your Facebook page- I know in many ways it’s the “new” blogging, so maybe you’re already publishing similar material there? So interesting to see what things we predicted would be part of a writer’s life ten years ago have developed into. Whoops, a sentence ending with a preposition. Sorry.

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