<i>The High Cost of Flowers</i> was the 2015 Midwest Book Awards winner in the Fiction and XXX Categories.

The High Cost of Flowers was the 2015 Midwest Book Awards winner in the Contemporary Fiction and Literary Fiction categories.

Leap year. Election year. A year that is both unique and promising of changes. To celebrate The High Cost of Flowers winning the 2015 Midwest Book Award for Literary Fiction as well as Contemporary Fiction, this is a great time to remodel the cynthiakraack.com website.

Ginseng Fields, a contemporary novel about the relationship of an adult daughter and her father set in the changing world of American agriculture, is currently under consideration for publication. The publishing world operates quite on its rhythm so check back here every few weeks for news about that book.

For the first time in four years a brand new work is working its way toward completion. Markers is a challenging story of a woman’s search for her true home. A new speculative fiction manuscript is also under development. Unlike Minnesota Cold or the Ashwood trilogy, Inky to Black is set significantly in a future world where politics is just another industry. Another first for me is that neither of these books have a rural backdrop.

Thanks for visiting. With the website completed, I’ll return to posting more blogs on today’s world, the writing life, and stories about people.

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