<i>The High Cost of Flowers</i> was the 2015 Midwest Book Awards winner in the Fiction and XXX Categories.

The High Cost of Flowers was the 2014 Midwest Book Awards winner in the Contemporary Fiction and Literary Fiction categories.

March 2017

Much of last year was spent co-editing Boundaries Without, The Calumet Editions 2017 Speculative Fiction Anthology with Steve McEllistrem. Unusual to work on other writers’ stories and think about the order of pieces instead of the normal computer time where blank pages demand to be filled.

Boundaries Without was released in December and includes award-winning authors like Nancy Holder, Pedro Ponce, Karen Bovenmeyer, Gary Smith, Steve and me.

The High Cost of Flowers continues to attract readers and book clubs. Discussion in each book club I visit eventually turns to family or friends or neighbors caring for a loved one.

Our country is in a difficult place. As a writer, I’m working to capture our stories about finding the way, about future societies, about dealing with loss. Some might make you think, some are worth a smile.

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